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  • Excellent Real Estate Services. I have worked with Bob Nastasi since 1995 and completed at least 10 real estate transactions with him. I have done about 7 real estate loans and 3 real estate sales. The reasons I continue to work with Bob is: 1.       He actually cares about what I care about and is attentive to my concerns. He is knowledgeable so his solutions are realistic. 2.       He communicates well and responds to questions quickly. 3.       He is trustworthy and has proven this time and time again. 4.       He has my best interest at heart and has always gotten me a great deal. I would highly recommend Bob to anyone needing mortgage loans, real estate sales or property management.
    By Pat Wehner, March 27, 2018
  • We had very good after school experience for our son at Evergreen Star Academy. He was always excited to go there and had great learning and interaction with other children. We found this school the most reasonably priced and cleanest. They have friendly staff, variety of activities and safe environment
    By Kalpana Pal, March 24, 2018
  • Insurance today is very complex and the decisions your make impact your finances and your health of yourself and your employees. I recommend Brauer Insurance to my clients and know they will spend the time needed to understand each individual company and their philosophies and make a recommendation based on what is better for the client, not for their bottom line. Steve and his team are top notch professionals who add a personal touch along with knowledge of their industry which serves my clients and those I refer at high standards.
    By Alicia Lucas, March 24, 2018
  • We have been renting in different apartments/complexes. This means we have worked with several community management groups. But we have had a very vary pleasant experience with Berkshire Community group, especially The Rey apartments in San Diego and the Aire apartments in San Jose. I will explain why/how. We were renting in the Aire in San Jose and we still had 6 months to the end of my lease that we had to move to San Diego due to job relocation. However, the management in the Aire (Marzieh) was kindly helped us through the process of re-renting from the other Berkshire community group in San Diego (The Rey) to avoid paying any extra fee. Further, they didn't deduct unreasonable amount from our deposit for cleaning (actually it was the least I have ever paid and very clear charges). At the Rey in San Diego, we had so much fun in the apartment and its amenities. Further, it was always easy to fix a little issues since the management team is VERY responsive, helpful, and responsible. Again for our second lease there was a situation that we had to break our lease and leave to different location. in this situation I was communicating with the management team (Sarah and Justin) to try to rent out our apartment ASAP to avoid paying any fee. It was not the easiest time, but again thanks to Sarah and Justin (and the whole team) we had a very smooth transitioning and our apartment was rented out in less than a week (which means we ended up paying the minimum breaking lease fee). All in all, we had a great time living in both Berkshire communities. I believe the main reason is that their staff are very nice and helpful and they have a great culture of customer service.
    By Amin Salmani, March 24, 2018

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